Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday! Mother’s Day is just six days away, and I’m so excited. Are y’all as excited as I am? This is my first Mother’s Day as a mama, and I told Greg the other day that it feels like my birthday all over again (haha). I may just dedicate this entire week to “mom posts,” so be prepared. Today, I’m sharing my Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I truly hope this makes your Mother’s Day shopping just a bit easier. And if you’re a mama, don’t forget to treat yourself. Seriously. You deserve it!

Mother's Day Gift Guide


One || Robe (2 for $60)

This robe looks SO soft. And 2 for $60?! Grab one for your mom and mother-in-law! Not married? Grab one for your mom and yourself!

Two || Slippers

Just looking at these make me happy! Because what’s not to love about a pair of leopard slippers? That I’m pretty sure can pass as an actual pair of shoes. I’m thinking for a long day at the office, while traveling… Every mom needs a pair of these in her life!

Three || Candle

These are my all time favorite candles. And what mom doesn’t like to keep a good scented candle burning to keep her home smelling nice?

Four || Necklace

As a new mom, I have all the heart eyes for this necklace. It’s a bit pricey, but I think it would make such a special gift. I would love to have one with Andie’s name.

Five || Candy

Champagne flavored gummy bears…enough said.

Six || Mom Tees (here here)

I own the MOM one and would love to add the other one to my ILY tee collection. They can easily be worn with shorts, leggings, or skinny jeans. And they are the softest. Any stylish, trendy mom will love these tees!

Seven || Keyring

Is your mom constantly losing her keys in the bottom of her bag? Problem solved! Now she can wear them on her wrist. I received one of these after I had Andie, and I love it. It’s so easy to throw on your wrist if you’re just running into a store real quick or going for a walk around the neighborhood. I’m also constantly tossing mine into the diaper bag before leaving the house, and if it does make its way to the bottom it’s super easy to find.

Eight || Mom Coffee Mugs (here & here)

Is your mom a coffee drinker? If so, you can’t go wrong with a cute mug. I’ve linked two – one (a set) for the seasoned moms and one for the new moms (which I personally NEED, because my coffee is constantly finding its way to the microwave and getting forgotten these days).

Nine || Sandals

When in doubt, Tory Burch is always a good idea. And you simply can’t go wrong with the classic Miller Sandal. I personally prefer the patent leather over the regular leather.

Ten || Book

Celebrate your mom with a book. This one is great!

What do you usually treat your mom with on Mother’s Day? Leave a comment and let me know! <3

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